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The Clemson K-9 Unit is currently comprised of two highly trained canines and their handlers.  K-9, Jekyll, is a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix. He is assigned to Sgt. Brenda L. Link.  Jekyll is trained to conduct building searches for suspects, tracking and apprehension of suspects, searching for articles, and can locate illegal narcotics in many locations (in vehicles, building and in outdoor locations).  He is a valuable tool and he helps keep the community of Clemson and the surrounding communities safer. K-9 Zeke is a Labrador and German Short Hair Pointer mix.  Zeke is assigned to Patrol Officer Tyler Duncan.  Zeke is trained to locate illegal narcotics in many locations too (in vehicles, buildings and in outdoor locations).  Zeke specializes in tracking and will be used to track missing children and vulnerable adults.

Both canines came from Shallow Creek Kennels in Pennsylvania. 

You can help support Jekyll and Zeke by donating to the Clemson K9 fund.  Your donation will be used to pay for their food and medical needs.  You can help by sending a donation of any amount via check or money order.

Please make donations payable to Clemson Police Canine Unit. Donations can be brought to the police department in person or mailed to:

Deputy Chief J. Stone

C/O Clemson Police Department

Canine Unit Donations

1198 Tiger Blvd

Clemson, SC 29631


NOTE: Charitable gifts to the Clemson Police Department K-9 Program are not refundable.


As our community grows so does the need to add a second K9.  Due to Jekyll being trained in apprehension of suspects; Case law prohibits him from tracking innocent parties such as lost children or persons suffering from dementia or other disabilities (except in extreme circumstances).  Clemson hopes to add a single purpose tracking K9 to our program. You can help make this happen by donating. Simply note on your donation that you wish for your donation to go to the purchases of a new tracking K9. Our goal is to raise $10,000.  That money would go to the purchase of the dog and the required training to get it certified. Once the dogs is certified it would be available to track those who wander from their loved ones and need assistance getting home safely.

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